Raising them right


There are a million and one ways to raise a child. They will most likely end up interested in what you're interested in, sing along to the songs you sing along to, route for the teams you route for, eat lots of meat or non at all. Most of us want the very best for our kids...there just happens to be different definitions of best. The important parts are that kids see parents who love each other, are kind to their neighbors + cheer them on no matter what! These examples teach little minds how to love and in turn, how to live.

And if I fail, tomorrow is a new day.


  1. SO true! I love watching my kids do the things we do and say the things we say :)

  2. Thank you for passing on this Truth. May it be heard and grow.

  3. Amazing. I love that cabinet, too. I think for me- if the foundation is Christ you just can't go wrong :) xo

  4. Aaaaand you have a blog! Is there nothing you don't do and do with style?! Jealous button. :) Well I know first hand you're kind to neighbors. Your post reminds of a quote my mother in law told me about after an especially frustrating day back to work as a first time mom... Apparently, Gilda Radner used to look at herself in the mirror each night before bed and say "I forgive you". I like that. Sometimes we mom's try our best but don't get it quite right. I'm happy to forgive myself and try my best the next day too. :)


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