Morning time brothers


I never understood what was so great about getting up early. It's easy to get dressed, as you're eating a bagel, as you're warming up your car, as you're checking emails, as you're brushing your teeth...when it's just you. Put a huge freaking break on all that as soon as you have kids. All of a sudden there is a tiny human who needs his butt wiped + straw for his oj + "cereal o' wait I want butter toast" + skateboard shoes + small treasures for his pocket. And now there's me trying to pack everything that I did before plus all that I do now, literally leaving the house flustered + angry nearly every morning we had to be somewhere. Not my shiniest moment as a mother or as a human.

I hated how I started our day. Doomed for failure. So I asked my friend Kimmie her tips + tricks for being on time, seemingly calm, cool + collected ::
  • Get up before the kids and get yourself ready first
  • Have things that can be prepared beforehand ready {lunches, outfits, etc}
  • Make the beds
  • Have a schedule in your head of approximately how long things take + make sure you give yourself enough time to complete all the tasks
  • Don't try to fit extra stuff in. Do what needs to be done + go.
  • Did I miss anything, Kimmie? :)
Mornings are better. Life is better. I see pattern + balance + time for sweet moments like the one pictured above. Trust me...there are still mornings when I run around like a crazy lady but less of them. I can only do better, be better. How do you run your mornings?


  1. * if you find you're running late, put your phone in a place where you won't be tempted to look at it. *

    I think the biggest thing is, like you posted, to get yourself ready before the kids get up! Then, instead of getting ready while L is reading to K, you can take a moment to sit down and take a picture of them. You're the best!

    Love ya!

  2. I remember getting to work and exchanging knowing looks with a colleague who also had small children - a simple "it was a two diaper change morning" said it all - realizing we had already put in a work shift by the time 8:30 rolled around. Having someone get it helped a great deal.


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