Raising them right


There are a million and one ways to raise a child. They will most likely end up interested in what you're interested in, sing along to the songs you sing along to, route for the teams you route for, eat lots of meat or non at all. Most of us want the very best for our kids...there just happens to be different definitions of best. The important parts are that kids see parents who love each other, are kind to their neighbors + cheer them on no matter what! These examples teach little minds how to love and in turn, how to live.

And if I fail, tomorrow is a new day.



It's kind of a big deal around here. When we have a few consecutive days over 40° people start doing cartwheels down the streets in their short shorts. I'm just glad my little rascal can be outside without mittens, blowing bubbles + scooting. Until next year winter...

Tiny Moments

Late afternoon light. Chunkier thighs than your brother. Nearly always content. Bouncing machine.

Winter sun


It's easy to hibernate. Netflix...need I say more? It's also easy to become vitamin d deficient...which makes it easy to feel down + out. So on sunny winter days, no matter what the temp, I try to get outside, soak in some rays + breath some fresh air. It's amazing what 15 minutes of sun will do to a crabby me.

Morning time brothers

I never understood what was so great about getting up early. It's easy to get dressed, as you're eating a bagel, as you're warming up your car, as you're checking emails, as you're brushing your teeth...when it's just you. Put a huge freaking break on all that as soon as you have kids. All of a sudden there is a tiny human who needs his butt wiped + straw for his oj + "cereal o's...no wait I want butter toast" + skateboard shoes + small treasures for his pocket. And now there's me trying to pack everything that I did before plus all that I do now, literally leaving the house flustered + angry nearly every morning we had to be somewhere. Not my shiniest moment as a mother or as a human.

I hated how I started our day. Doomed for failure. So I asked my friend Kimmie her tips + tricks for being on time, seemingly calm, cool + collected ::
  • Get up before the kids and get yourself ready first
  • Have things that can be prepared beforehand ready {lunches, outfits, etc}
  • Make the beds
  • Have a schedule in your head of approximately how long things take + make sure you give yourself enough time to complete all the tasks
  • Don't try to fit extra stuff in. Do what needs to be done + go.
  • Did I miss anything, Kimmie? :)
Mornings are better. Life is better. I see pattern + balance + time for sweet moments like the one pictured above. Trust me...there are still mornings when I run around like a crazy lady but less of them. I can only do better, be better. How do you run your mornings?

Dapper North :: 7


"I don't like stripes." "Why?" "Skateboarders don't wear stripes. They're not my favorite." "Sure they do!" "Alright, I'll wear stripes." Oh boy, I see my days as the apparel creative director are numbered.

Hat {similar} // T {similar} // Blazer {similar} // Pants // Hi Tops // Lunchbox {similar}

Just don't eat the yellow stuff.


"You know you can eat the snow if you want." "I can?" "Sure!" "Dad, mom said I can eat snow...can I" "Yeah! Just not the yellow stuff." I think every kid north of Chicago has heard that line.Being from the midwest, we have snow. Lots of it. Some of my fondest memories are pure white. Forts at the end of the driveway, towering snow men, sledding, inspecting snowflakes. It adds a certain element to childhood that can't be captured any other way. I can already tell Liam is a true Minnesotan. It warms my heart. He love winter as much as he love summer. Seasonal living!

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